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2018 Events

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About Us

We coordinate and hold various social events in Japan. These events provide an excellent opportunity for Japanese and foreigners from all over the world to meet each other and to share their interests.

The main purpose for these events is for meeting new people and making new friends (Social Networking)! For increasing your network of friends, cultural & language exchange partners, etc., or just various contacts for gaining useful information about living and working in Japan! It's also a place to hangout and just have fun with your friends!

Our events are held at various locations with a casual and relaxed international atmosphere.

Come join our events with your friends or it's also OK to come alone!
Many of our guests come alone and they usually make new friends during the party!

It's really OK if you only can speak English or only can speak Japanese but it's also a good opportunity if you want to practise a foreign language. Most of our guests are Japanese. Foreigners are usually from Australia, Canada, England, USA, Ireland, France, Vietnam, China and some other countries.

Any Nationality! All are welcome!

Please check our event schedule for the details of upcoming events.

We hope to see you soon!



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